Camille Fournier

Hi folks,

So the ZooKeeper community has expressed some interest in using the CNCF cluster to set up a more sharable testing infrastructure for release verification. Are we open to this sort of thing? It looks like the cluster has a minimum 20 node request volume which is far more than the project would need, and tbh I don't really understand that minimum requirement? Even if we don't necessarily want to support release verification testing for ZK specifically, should we ever want to support it for similar systems such as etcd imposing a minimum usage seems slightly strange?

In conversations with Dan we discussed the concept that one of the most useful things CNCF could provide to teams was support beyond unit/simple integration test infrastructure, into more thorough system testing infrastructure. Anyway, I would say that a huge challenge for these cloud native distributed infrastructure components is having distributed testing environments to validate releases in a public manner, so it would be cool if we could consider supporting that.


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