FYI: TOC Election (Jan 2019)

Chris Aniszczyk

TOC nominations are starting TODAY for the 6 TOC slots that open up in Jan 2019 that are selected by GB members (they can propose UP TO TWO NOMINEES as part of the GB, where you can only nominate up to one candidate from your organization, the other candidate has to be outside your organization):

The seats that open up are:

Jonathan Boulle (term: 3 years - start date: 1/29/2016)
Bryan Cantrill (term: 3 years - start date: 1/29/2016)
Camille Fournier (term: 3 years - start date: 1/29/2016)
Benjamin Hindman (term: 3 years - start date: 1/29/2016)
Ken Owens (term: 3 years - start date: 1/29/2016)
Alexis Richardson (term: 3 years - start date: 1/29/2016)

Here's the timeline for the election, we are giving ample time due to the holidays:

Oct 26th: Nominations Open (TODAY)
Nov 26th: Nominations Close
Nov 27th: Qualification Period Opens
Dec 14th: Qualification Period Closes (end of KubeCon Seattle)
Dec 17th: Election Opens
Jan 22nd: Election Closes
Jan 29th: Election Results Posted!

In summary, these nominations are for the 6 slots nominated by the CNCF Governing Board (GB) members. You have to be a CNCF GB member in order to nominate someone. Each CNCF GB member CAN NOMINATION ONLY TWO PEOPLE MAXIMUM, where only one of them can come from your company (the other candidate can come from anywhere). See CNCF Charter Section 6(e) for full election process details:

We will also discuss this at the next TOC meeting on Nov 6th regarding the process if the community has any questions.


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