Re: Discuss CloudNaticeCon/KubeCon technical content at the TOC

Matt Farina

Has there been a survey of attendees from previous conferences? Is there data that shows attendees dissatisfaction with the content and specific areas?

We might want to be careful with data about past conferences. The Cons started with many insiders. Then it was very much about cluster ops and there was regular talk about the lack of apps there. The people represented in those surveys likely do not include many segments we are interested in today. For example, to satisfy operators often does no satisfy app folks. If app folks were under represented the survey won’t be a useful guide for the future.

As far as dissatisfaction goes, the TOC email chain "Thoughts on KubeCon” showed there are a number of folks. I asked around and found more than those who were being vocal. This is what lead me to propose an agenda item.

Matt Farina

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