Discuss CloudNaticeCon/KubeCon technical content at the TOC

Matt Farina

I would like to request that we have a discussion in a TOC meeting on the Con technical content. I’m happy to help curate items to discuss on it.

Three ideas I would initially seed the list with are:

  • Should only CNCF projects (direct CNCF projects and Kubernetes SIGs/sub-projects) have intros and deep dives on the maintainers track? A non-CNCF project has an intro and deep dive this time around.
  • Should we look to target tracks around types of user roles (e.g., app dev, app ops, cluster ops, project maintainers, management decision makers, etc)? If these kinds of users want to be there it gives vendors a good reason to have booths there, along with being useful to end users. I believe some of these roles are underserved today.
  • Do we limit number of general sessions per vendor? This came up on the list because a vendor can currently have an outsized presence. This can lead to competing vendors, including those at the same sponsorship levels, feeling they are subsidizing their competition.

These are just questions to talk about. Maybe ideas. Anyone have others?

I would ask that we keep these to constructive ideas to improve future Cons so we have help what comes next.

Matt Farina

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