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Eduardo Silva

maybe a bit off-topic idea but I would like to share it for the next CloudNativeCon:

I see the need of developers and vendors to showcase the projects they are working on, despite the motivations like fix a real problem, promote an open source emergent technology(for them)  or validate an idea, what about if we offer in the Keynotes a main space where these "projects" can be shown in a few slides through a lightning talk mode ?. 

Think about a block of 1.5 hour in the morning to showcase 15 projects for 3-5 minutes each one. I think this could be very valuable for the attendees, companies involved and the ecosystem in general (and yes, this might impact paid keynote sessions).

just my 5c.


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I’m an organizer in KC, and we do many things to get better submissions. We still have a lot of areas where we can improve, though. We reach out to other local meetups and communities and promote our CFP. We offer personalized coaching for those who need it prior to the close of the CFP so submitters can provide their best version. We also advertise our CFP similar to how we advertise for our ticket sales. We accept sponsor submissions, but they have no relation to sponsorship or organizer affiliation. DevOpsDays Core offers a centralized website which drives sponsorships, cfp submissions, and ticket sales through a common brand. I know the local k8s cloud native organizer, and he’d probably be in for something like this.


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I wonder if we might want to look at a similar setup as devopsdays?  


It is organized by local groups, and the rules are quite simple and fair.  It must be organized by a committee from various companies, it is not for profit, and the sponsorship rules avoid it turning into a sale farce.


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Sounds like a lot of value packed within a single day!

By any chance, how can we plan for something similar to be held in Tokyo?  

There are container focused events held here, and some are gathering 300~400 people in one room. 




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We had a Kubernetes day in Amsterdam last June which was a good success; we had 200 attendees for a full day, single track event hosted in a great location (thanks to the ones in cc to make it happen). We had Acqua, Sysdig, Google, Microsoft, Rancher and Container Solutions sponsoring and presenting; we learned a lot and were aiming to organize one in the next year (changing name). I highly suggest to organize one in your city, it’s a fun and learning experience. In my opinion, I’ll leave more space to mingling and networking and less to talks. Reach out if you wanna know more!



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On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 11:53 AM Ilya Dmitrichenko <ilya@...> wrote:
> To be clear, are you suggesting that we could leverage
> existing groups by considering to mini-conferences at
> the locations where a meetup groups exists and ask
> meetup organizers to help?
> Otherwise one could imply that you are suggesting
> something about the URL and the page as such... ;)

One more option to would be to partner with existing community events
and add k8s or CloudNative tracks.  We've found this to be a win/win
at SCALE and other local events I'm involved in.


Also an option, of course.


By the way, we do have a local event - Cloud Native London, it took place

last month and also in 2017 (IIRC). It's a great event, but it's not exactly

affordable. ContainerCamp is probably closer to what I'd consider small

and affordable event, yet tickets still could be cheaper and it doesn't have

to be a major tech city like London (where hotels & venues are expensive).





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