Re: no TOC call this week

alexis richardson

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 4:30 PM Alexis Richardson <alexis@...> wrote:

There will be no TOC call this week.  Please use the time to prepare for the F2F @DockerCon.  Some topics for the F2F are listed in last week's slides. 

The proposed topics for the face to face from last week's slides were:

1. Projects & How we help - review tests & docs, CNCF Cluster Update

2. Deliverables outside of enabling CNCF project success
Model apps as a way to clarify Cloud Native “what it is” & marketecture diagram
Clarify “Incubation” & “Development Guidelines”
What do we want from GB (and new ED) to achieve our goals

If anyone wants to table a new topic, or raise a priority, please speak up on this thread.


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