Re: Thoughts on KubeCon

Matt Farina

> So, being a track chair is decidedly an emphatically thankless, time consuming and stressful role.

As someone who has been a conference track chair, I can say it sure it.

So, I want to thank Liz and Janet for the work they are putting in right now, the chairs of the past, and those who support them. Even though folks give feedback with an eye on improving things, I for one, want to say the work of the chairs is appreciated.

> End users submitted 14% of the talks to KubeCon but were accepted to present 28% of the sessions.
> So, end users had a 26% acceptance rate.

It’s great to see this metric. We should look to improve these numbers in the future, shouldn’t we? Without end users, and growth in end users, the projects and vendors won’t be doing all that well. The best marketing is word of mouth by people using things. So, let’s see if we can improve on these end-user numbers for 2019.

Matt Farina

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