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How many people did we have this time?  Did they do the whole conference or individual tracks?
My experience has been with the OpenStack Summit, where each track had its own committee, so reviewers had only a few dozen to a couple hundred to review, not thousands.  That worked very well.

We had 75 people participate on the program committee for Seattle. From :

The regular conference sessions have 9 tracks and are submitted through the CFP process. The conference co-chairs for Shanghai and Seattle are Liz Rice of Aqua Security and Janet Kuo of Google. They are in the process of selecting a program committee of around 60 experts, which includes project maintainers, active community members, and highly-rated presenters from past events. Program committee members register for the topic areas they’re comfortable covering, and CNCF staff randomly assign a subset of relevant talks to each member. We then collate all of the reviews and the conference co-chairs spend a very challenging week assembling a coherent set of topic tracks and keynotes from the highest-rated talks.
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