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Chris Aniszczyk

Thanks for pointing those out. As Dan mentioned, it's on the agenda for 2019 to support some smaller more regional events in new geos.

Currently we encourage folks to start a join an existing meetup, we have over 150+ worldwide:

We have been deliberately reaching out to folks all over the world and the program has been growing every month since its inception (instructions on how to create a meetup here:

We also have an ambassador program where we support folks that run meetups or speak at a variety of conferences that we may not be able to get too:

So in short, we're definitely looking to fill in the gaps next year and this is something I suggest you engage with the CNCF Marketing Committee, which is chaired by Mark Coleman:

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 9:12 AM Matt Farina <matt@...> wrote:
Has anyone looked at the WordCamp model for local conferences? They are somewhere in between a KubeCon and a meetup.

There are several benefits to this model like:

  • They are local and can be on work time. Meetups cut into evenings and are short. Large conferences require travel. As someone outside a tech bubble city I see the appeal for locals.
  • It builds up local ecosystem of cloud native folks. In particular end-users
  • These local conferences are a great way for people to learn and hone speaking skills so they have the confidence to do a great job at the larger ones
  • It helps build more and more capable end users

They aren’t hard to organize.

Matt Farina

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