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Hi, Randy,

Thanks for your feedback.

We are very sure that all these adopters of Dragonfly are using Dragonfly in production like what I mentioned in my presentation.
Since Dragonfly is very neutral, and totally a plugin component for original Architecture of Enterprises, it is invasive and easy to integrate Dragonfly.

In addition, we can say Dragonfly indeed brings lots of value to help these adopters in image management. 
For China Mobile, their container platform is quite huge, more than a thousand nodes, Dragonfly in production helps a lot to speed up the image distribution efficiency.
For iTEKFLY, the most famous speech intelligent company, they have quite huge images(more than 20GB) for speech processing, Dragonfly is the perfect one for them to reduce distribution time.
For Ant Financial, sensitive business running in their datacenter, Dragonfly has also been a fundamental infrastructure tool, and tens of thousands of host are using it.
For other adopters, they are also meeting the same image distribution issues, and Dragonfly is the best choice.

In Alibaba,  we have been using Dragonfly at large scale for more than 2 years.

how you calculated adoption

We held several meetups in China, and set up good relationship with the community. Developers from these adopters have communicated with us to share their adoption and wished to seek support from the community.
Currently we say more than 20+ adopters, but in fact I am afraid the amount of real adopters are larger than this number.

Best Regards.

Allen Sun
Alibaba Group

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Hi AllenSun, 

The dragonfly project looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing. 

I was wondering how you calculated adoption. Is this the number of companies that have Dragonfly in production or have installed it in a trial? 

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On Sep 4, 2018 11:57 AM, AllenSun <allensun.shl@...> wrote:

Hi, Friends,

It is my honor to give a presentation about Dragonfly to CNCF community. Dragonfly aims at covering all the image distribution in CNCF ecosystem. And currently it works perfectly within Kubernetes. My slides are in the attachment of this email.

Please feel free to give us your feedback on Dragonfly. Any thoughts on it are welcome.

In addition, I am really happy that Jonathan Boulle would like to sponsor Dragonfly to enter sandbox level.
While we sincerely wish that an additional TOC member could sponsor this.
How to get help from Dragonfly's team, if you are interested in this, please don't hesitate to drop questions on me.
Thanks a lot.
Allen Sun
Alibaba Group

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The Dragonfly project was presented to the TOC today:

They currently have one TOC sponsor, Jonathan Boulle.

The Dragonfly community is seeking an additional TOC sponsor and happy to answer any questions from the community.

Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) | +1-512-961-6719

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