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I'm not totally opposed to the try idea in principle or as an end goal - my lack of obvious enthusiasm was more about a) resources (who's going to do it?) and b) putting the cart before the horse - as Alexis alluded to I think we have some way to go before we have a clear enough idea of the model applications etc.

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I agree with you on this --- i.e that "try" services help in many ways.  I was a bit surprised by the lack of buy-in during the call.  Having said that, the call was about setting an achievable number of priorities.  If we *can* get cloud native apps & patterns into shape, then it may be more obvious how to "try" them.  


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Given the CNCF’s role of promulgating a general understanding of what cloud native is, specifically how the projects governed by the CNCF provide platforms and tooling for cloud native applications, I think the “try” approach to providing easy-to-use, publically-available sandboxes is a true facilitator, couching edification of cloud native in context of the CNCF projects.

The “try” sandboxes could:

  • have walk-thru tutorials that parlay and reference the “model applications” Bryan Cantrill referred to.
  • utilize part of the (idle?) 1000-node cluster for the CNCF community 
  • be leveraged as a platform for training courses and developer certification
  • be a source of measuring interest, adoption, demographics

A page could be taken from these successes and (I’ll through in Cisco dCloud as well).

I’m sure of the order of operations / speaking rules on the conference call. Apologies if I chimed-in out of turn today.


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