Re: RSocket Followup (post TOC meeting)

alexis richardson


Many thanks. How likely is gRPC over RSocket? Also, what are your
thoughts on getting more language clients?


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 3:44 PM, <robert@...> wrote:

For context RSocket was started by Ben Christensen (RXJava fame) and
implemented by the Edge team not Tim’s team. All the original engineers
still work on RSocket either at Facebook or my company. It is still running
in production on Chromecast and Akira UIs at Netflix with the original
RSocket implementation. I can’t speak to future plans.

gRPC vs RSocket is not the best comparison. It is better to think about
RSocket vs HTTP/2. gRPC would easily work over RSocket. In fact it would be
cool to have gRPC over RSocket. Then you could switch transports very
easily. This would let you do cool things like gRPC over RSocket/Aeron
(Aeron tests showed double throughput with lower latency than TCP) or you
could use gRPC in a browser via websockets.

We have several ex-Netflixer at Netifi that have used both RSocket and gRPC
and they are happy to answer questions.


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