[RESULT] Prometheus moving to graduation (PASSED)

Chris Aniszczyk

The vote for Prometheus to graduate has been approved: https://github.com/cncf/toc/pull/88

+1 binding TOC votes (9/9):
Alexis: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/1957
Jon: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/1963
Sam: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/1964
Ken: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/1977
Quinton: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/2157
Camille: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/2158
Bryan: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/2176
Brian: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/2188
Ben: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/2204

+1 non-binding community votes:
Haifeng Liu: https://lists.cncf.io/g/cncf-toc/message/1995

Thank you to everyone who voted and contributed to Prometheus, it's been fun to help the project grow as part of the CNCF community. I personally appreciate the Prometheus community in joining CNCF in the early days as our 2nd project and helping us evolve as an open source foundation for the better.

Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) | +1-512-961-6719

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