New Spec about : Cloud Meta Language

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I try to figure out what I should do and what should be the path to follow in order to propose a new spec around "Cloud Meta Language" ? 

The main objective of this spec is to propose a way to express using a META language = YAML. JSON, FluentAPI, information that the Cloud platform (pivotal, k8s, openshift, ) will use to perform different things such as by example

- compilation : tool, version, command to be used to build native code
- build : tool or docker image , version, command to be used to generate docker image
- deployment : image, language, build or out folder containing code, ....

E.g. Microservice definition

service: "order", {
    compilation: {
       tool: maven,
       version: 3.5
       command: "mvn test package",
       repo: // Nexus Server
    build: ,
    deployment: {
        java-openjdk-1.8: {
            build: "./app",
            cmd: java -jar ...
            cpu: 2
            memory: 128,
            ports: [{ port: 8080 }],
       Persistence: {
          Mount: /path/to/folder
    replicas: 1,

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