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Yup - already in plan

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Great, please could you work with Ken, and pull in the other serverless WG folks, to create an update for next TOC?
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FYI.. TheCube Video interview of Doug (IBM) & me on Serveless & CNCF Serverless WG activities:


Coverage w mention of CNCF Serverless-wg/cloudevents:


Serverless computing takes a big step into the multicloud world


Serverless framework Nuclio released for enterprise customers



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Hi all


Kubecon was excellent.  A few things:


* If you made an announcement, gave a talk or posted a blog about kubecon that is relevant to TOC business (including WGs) please could you publish a link on this thread?  Eg azure cloudevents.


* Quinton is the new TOC representative in the Storage WG.  Many thanks to Ben for getting us to here, and Clint for all his work too.  Also Camille for helping Quinton and the SWG shape next steps.  And: anyone else I missed!


* Let's have a quick round up on all this and other news on the next TOC call.










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