Cloud Native definition last call

Dan Kohn <dan@...>

The TOC is aiming to create and approve a short definition of cloud native. This is last call on making edits to the proposed text:

Cloud-native technologies, such as containers and microservices, empower organizations to develop and deploy scalable, agile applications and services in highly dynamic, distributed environments. Such systems are designed to be resilient, elastic, and loosely coupled via manageable abstractions and declarative APIs. This enables effective, reliable automation that minimizes toil, and results in processes and workflows that allow operators to make impactful changes safely and take full advantage of these environments.
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation seeks to drive adoption of these techniques by fostering an ecosystem of open source, vendor-neutral projects that align with these objectives, and which are portable to public, private, and hybrid clouds. We democratize the state-of-the-art patterns and practices to ensure innovations remain open and accessible for everyone. 

If you have proposed changes, please make them via this Google Docs:

Also note that this month's edition of the Cloud Native Trail Map includes (a slightly older iteration of) the definition:
Dan Kohn <dan@...>
Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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