Nomination for ToC - Camille Fournier

Scott Hammond <scott.hammond@...>

We would like to nominate Camille Fournier, a leader in distributed systems and an accomplished technology executive, to the TOC.  Camille combines deep technology expertise (she is an Apache Zookeeper committer and a member of its project management committee) with pragmatic know-how and executive leadership (she was formerly the CTO of Rent the Runway -- and SVP of Engineering there prior to that).  An outspoken writer and speaker, she is a sought-after presenter, having presented at Strange Loop, QCon, Surge, FutureStack, GOTO, Monitorama, and CraftConf, among others.  Of her recent talks, we would recommend in particular "A People's History of Microservices" ( and "Hopelessness and Confidence in Distributed Systems Design" (, two talks that capture both Camille's experience in the trenches of production distributed systems and her forthrightness in conveying that experience to others.  Prior to her work at Rent the Runway, Camille served as a software engineer at Microsoft, and most recently, spent several years as a technical specialist at Goldman Sachs, creating distributed systems for managing risk analysis and firmwide infrastructure.  Camille has a BS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin -- Madison.  

Thanks for your consideration.

Scott R. Hammond
President and CEO
Joyent, Inc.

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