Kuberhealthy for CNCF Sandbox

Greer, Eric

Hello everyone,

I gave a presentation today at the Kubernetes community meeting about Kuberhealthy: https://youtu.be/tvP_HPFteKI?t=41

Kuberhealthy is a synthetic monitoring tool for Kubernetes clusters that has been developed internally at Comcast, but we really want to see it donated to the CNCF as a sandbox project. I have read the sandbox documentation agreed upon recently, but I would like to know what more I need to provide before this can be voted on.

The source code for this is not currently available to the public because there are some contentions with the project name. I talked with Dan from the LF and he let me know that naming won't be an issue provided the rights are signed over to the CNCF. If we get a green light as a sandbox project, then I think it might be best to initially publish the code directly to a public repository owned by the CNCF. If we need the project to be open sourced prior to a vote, then I will need to go through the process of releasing it as a different name (and possibly re-branding all the code?) within the Comcast open source repository prior to again re-branding and moving within the CNCF. I'm happy for any recommendations from the CNCF on the best way to handle all this.

Here is the link to the slides from the presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1tL80i7VTBUlDs5KXy7TBZcHVX45lFST2cmmE3oyjYWc/edit?usp=sharing

If I can or should provide any more information, please let me know. Thanks!
Eric Greer

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