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William Morgan

Thanks! And those are just the public ones. :)

Re: code percentages. This is a side-effect of where the project started, but we definitely want to diversify and I expect that it will happen naturally over time. E.g. we've had a couple non-Buoyant folks who have done major bits of work over the past year (and we've been expanding the maintainers list to reflect that).


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+1 (non binding)

Impressive production adoption!
I notice that 95%+ of code is contributed by current Buoyant employees.  Any plans to diversify that in the future?  To be clear, this is not a pre-requisite for incubation.

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Subject: [cncf-toc] [VOTE] linkerd moving to incubation

The linkerd team has requested a move to the incubation level: 

You can see the project statistics here: and the linkerd project believes they meet the incubation criteria requirements:

- Used successfully in production by at least three independent end users of sufficient scale and quality:
- Have a healthy number of committers:
- Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions: and

Please vote (+1/0/-1) by replying to this thread; the full incubation proposal located here:

Remember that the TOC has binding votes only, but we do appreciate non-binding votes from the community as a sign of support!

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