Throwing my hat in the ring

Christopher LILJENSTOLPE <cdl@...>

I would like to throw my hat into the ring for election to the CNCF

If I had to sum up, in one phrase, my strength (and weakness) is that I
am a Jack of all trades (how many I master could be, and is, debated).

I've been an operator of large infrastructure as chief architect at iMCI /
Cable & Wireless (one of the two largest Internet backbones in the late
1990's early 2000's - responsible for everything from physical
infrastructure through to applications and hosting across 5 continents)
and at Telstra, the incumbent combined fixed-line, wireless, and cable
operator in Australia. There, I started championing distributed storage,
a unified cloud infrastructure with containers for application
delivery, and exposing telco APIs to developers from 2009-2011.

I've been a small operator, building one of the first OpenStack
Bioinformatics clusters for genomic computation at Annai Systems in the
early 2010's. I've also operated R&E infrastructure as the lead
engineer for networking and computing at the US Antarctic Program.

I've also been a vendor, with a few start-ups under my belt (Big Switch
and Woven Systems) and a few largish ones (Alcatel as the CTO for a
business unit in Asia) and Metaswitch.

Before coming to Metaswitch, I had become convinced that we (the
industry) were making networking (as well as other things in the "cloud"
world) much too complex. That led to Project Calico, which I instigated and
did much of the initial high-level design when I started at Metaswitch, very
specifically focusing on Containers and the new data-model driven world (as
well as OpenStack - but knowing that the big shift was going to come in this
new model).

I understand how the pieces fit together, and I am pretty good at
figuring out the "right" place to solve a hard problem. I firmly
believe that less is more, and if it isn't simple, it should be suspect,
while recognizing that some genuinely hard problems do ultimately require
complex solutions.

I've also done my time at cat herding, serving as a working group chair
in two IETF working groups (OPS and PGP), and co-managing the Internet
Area Directorate. In that role, I’ve seen both what great things can be
achieved in a multi-vendor group motivated to push in the same direction,
as well as the issues that occur when standards are created for their own
sake, not for solving actual, real-world problems.

I believe that I would bring a good mix of both the User/Operator and
Developer/Vendor side to the role.

Christopher Liljenstolpe
Project Calico Architect

Avt tace, avt loqvere meliora silentio
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