Re: [VOTE] CNCF Sandbox proposal

Quinton Hoole

While I share some of the concerns about the name sandbox (and no, I don’t have any better proposals :-), when considering alternatives like “launchpad” and “runway" I think that we need to be careful of overselling the amount of due diligence that may or may not have been applied to these projects by the CNCF.  Although I like the intuitive cool and positive appeal of these alternative names, those do carry strong connotations of rigorous design, testing, pre-flight checks etc that occur before arriving on a runway or launchpad, which is, I think, specifically the opposite of what the sandbox is.

My understanding of the proposal is that the amount of technical or market due diligence applied before acceptance is near-zero.  I think we need to state that explicitly, to set expectations correctly, and choose an appropriate name to convey that.  For all it’s flaws, “Sandbox” is accurate in that respect. 


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FWIW, two ideas I've fiddled with recently: Launchpad or Runway

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> As a co-author of this doc I want to endorse the direction as strongly
> as possible.  If you feel you may want to vote -1, please do so, but
> ideally so that we can improve the doc.

I think it's a good direction to take.

As per the discussion in the doc, the name has connotations which are
contrary to the intended meaning. That being said, I couldn't come up
with a better name; back then or in the last two days; neither could

Long story short: No need to block on this; the improved process far
outweighs any potential naming confusion.


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