Nomination for TOC - Pavel Emelianov, Virtuozzo

John Lawler <jlawler@...>

I would like to nominate Pavel Emelianov, the Chief Software Architect at Virtuozzo (formerly Parallels/Odin), and Virtuozzo’s point man on open source strategy.

Pavel is the project creator and maintainer for the influential CRIU project, the basis for most major efforts enabling live container migration. This is in addition to driving architecture for all of Virtuozzo’s components, including containers, VMs, and virtualized storage. In his leading role with CRIU, Pavel also oversees Virtuozzo’s other open source efforts, including OpenVZ and P.Haul. Earlier in his career as a kernel engineer, Pavel actively contributed to the Linux kernel and was a top-10 individual contributor for several releases. Pavel graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and technology with a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

I believe that Pavel’s deep technical and strategic efforts across the entire stack — containers, hypervisors, storage, migration — make him uniquely qualified to make him a excellent member of the CNCF TOC.

Pavel Emelianov
Chief Software Architect, Virtuozzo

Thank you for considering his candidacy.


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