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Thanks for your suggestion which has been put into action already!
The CNI project is now the lonesome member of the "containernetworking"
organization on Github [1].

We (the CNI maintainers) are still very interested in working more
closely with the CNCF and are happy to receive further technical and
organizational feedback.

Best Regards


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I’m one of the maintainers of CNI. I was on the CNCF call yesterday
during which understood only TOC members should state their opinion, so
I decided to just listen and write down my thoughts afterwards.

Although CNI is a small project it has been around for a while, and
since I joined, the goal has transitioned away from the initial
statement which was still captured in the README. Shortly after the call
I submitted a small but significant change [1] which I hope will clarify
the position of the project.

We, the maintainers, don’t want to make CNI a blessed standard. Instead,
we hold great value in the specification that has already allowed many
projects to use the flexible plugin system for developing and
interconnecting simple to complex container networking solutions.

Our hope is that the CNCF provides a stable, vendor-neutral brand and
home to foster these values, so that even more developers feel
comfortable to help improve the quality of existing code and upstream
their plugin code.

As a next step, for now, if you'd like to create a more neutral brand, I
recommend moving the project to its own github org. Practically
speaking, that would make the project easier to manage, also.

Thanks for your attention! I will also be happy to answer any questions
that the TOC has about the project.

Stefan Junker


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