RexRay follow up

Brian Grant

Thanks to Clinton for presenting.

A response to Alexis's question/point about end-user benefit: I would expect it to be similar to the end-user benefit of CNI: more high-quality infrastructure options available in cloud-native environments. Not all of our projects will be used directly by users. Some may be used by other projects as components, libraries, frameworks, APIs, and so on.

Some questions about RexRay:
  • On contributors: My reading of the github stats is that there have been primarily 2 contributors over the past 6 months, both from Dell/EMC.
  • Are any of the listed users using RexRay in production?
  • Would the proposed Sandbox meet the project's need for a neutral home, at least initially?
  • Does RexRay itself include a control plane? Persistent state? If so, has it been adopted by any other project that has its own control plane?

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