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As a dog owner, I object to that.

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Can we get the phrase "cat poop" added to the formal CNCF definition of Sandbox? That would make our governance docs much more interesting to read.

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The more I'm around some people, the more I like my dog

"Bryan Cantrill" ---02/08/2018 05:24:38 AM---I'm sorry to have missed the call this week, but I think the term "Sandbox" is great -- in addition

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I'm sorry to have missed the call this week, but I think the term "Sandbox" is great -- in addition to its positive connotations of fun and play, it's also dirty and filled with sniffling toddlers, broken plastic toys, and the occasional cat poop.  Much, much better than "inception"!

        - Bryan

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 6:48 PM, alexis richardson <alexis@...> wrote:
    Hi all

    In this week's TOC we converged on some possible changes to the
    Inception tier, that can address issues that have been raised about
    market perception & confusion.  It is most likely that Inception will
    be replaced with a "Sandbox" tier.

    Chris Aniszczyk is drafting a written statement proposing Sandbox and
    associated changes and clarifications.  This will include much of the
    discussion from the Zoom Chat on this week's TOC call.  This draft is
    under active editing now:

    Until the TOC has reviewed the Sandbox proposal we shall suspend
    voting on Inception projects.  I apologise for any delays that are
    caused by this.  For the avoidance of further confusion, Sandbox will
    be presented *as soon as possible* which I hope means at the next TOC


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