Agenda for TOC tomorrow

alexis richardson

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 2:17 PM, John Belamaric <jbelamaric@...> wrote:
Thanks. I have a couple slides in the deck already, I may update them a bit
before the meeting.

On Jan 30, 2018, at 9:16 AM, alexis richardson <alexis@...> wrote:

John, yes, we can definitely cover that.

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 2:11 PM, John Belamaric <jbelamaric@...>

Hi Alexis,

We planned to have the annual inception review for CoreDNS at the Feb 6
meeting. Is there still space on the agenda for that?


On Jan 29, 2018, at 4:53 AM, alexis richardson <alexis@...> wrote:

Hi everyone

Thank-you for a very well attended and productive TOC call on Jan
16th. The next call is on Feb 6th, in eight days time. This is a
call for Agenda items from the TOC community. I propose the following
rough draft agenda for Feb - shown below. If someone proposes
something more important or pressing, that will get tabled.


Feb 6

Theme: Project Status

* Graduation reviews: timeline to completion
* Inception to Incubation reviews: ditto
* Discuss project tiers:
- do we want to tweak criteria for entry / promotion
Inception > Incubation > Graduation
- Mature/Stable, slower moving projects
CNCF Github Org?
- do we need a Sandbox?
idea here is for all CNCF projects to share one sandbox
for super-early stage experiments that otherwise have
gone into K8s incubator
- Sandbox == Inception?
- Sandbox is a CNCF Github Org?

* Reviews & healthchecks
what / when / how?
* Service desk
what else is needed here?
* Project TLC WG?
RFC / Volunteers

Feb 20

Theme: Working Groups

* Purpose
* Scope / Authority
* Status / Progress
* Exit Criteria

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