Re: [VOTE] SPIFFE project proposal (inception)

Michael Fertik

+1 (non-binding)


Michael Fertik


Any private opportunity discussed in this email or its attachments is being presented to you because you have expressed an interest in such opportunities, and any decision to invest in a venture fund or special purpose vehicle ("SPV") or any similar investment vehicle should be based on your own diligence and analysis.  Please consult with your own tax, legal and financial advisors.  An investment in the fund or SPV should only be considered by investors who can reasonably afford a loss on their investment.  The investment presented in this email may be in a company or companies in which the sender, the sender's affiliates, and/or the GP in the investment vehicle has a related party interest, which may exist in the form of separately owned or earned shares or options, consulting compensation, executive compensation, and/or other forms of economic interest that are distinct and separate from those which may be of beneficial interest to the investor.

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