TOC nomination: Benjamin Hindman

Aaron Bell <aaron@...>

I would like to nominate Benjamin Hindman—a leader in the movement toward cloud-native application architectures—as a member of the Technical Oversight Committee for the CNCF. Ben was one of the original members of the AMPLab [1] at the University of California, Berkeley, where he co-created of Apache Mesos [2] (he is now a vice president at the Apache Software Foundation, where he oversees the Mesos project). He led the Mesos team at Twitter, overseeing the replatforming of Twitter on Mesos. Since 2012, Ben has been the co-founder and chief scientist at Mesosphere. 

Apache Mesos is considered a key technology in cloud-native computing [3]. In addition to Twitter, it runs some of the largest cloud-native clusters in the world at companies such as Apple (with which Ben worked closely as a consultant), Airbnb, Verizon, Samsung and many more. Mesos has been integrated as the core technology is Microsoft’s Azure Container Service, and has helped usher in a coming mass adoption of microservices in containers. 

Under Ben’s guidance, both Apache Mesos and Mesosphere have embraced and expanded the ecosystem of open source technologies required for building next-generation applications. The list of projects currently integrated with Mesos and Mesosphere’s commercial Datacenter Operating System includes Kubernetes, Docker, Marathon (developed by Mesosphere), Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka.

Prior to the creation of Mesos in 2010, Ben conducted advanced distributed computing and software programming research at various institutions, including the University of Washington, Microsoft Research, Google, and the UC-Berkeley. At UC-Berkeley, Ben also worked on a precursor to Mesos called Lithe; was a member of its RAD Lab and Par Lab programs (predecessors to the AMPLab); and helped develop the Dominant Resource Fairness algorithm [4]. Along with its eventual creators (and UC-Berkeley peers), Ben helped conceive of Apache Spark as a sample framework for data-processing on Mesos. 

Ben’s deep knowledge of distributed computing, as well as his experience building production cloud-native environments and packaging open source software for commercial use, make him an excellent candidate for the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee. 

Aaron Bell
Engineering Manager, Mesosphere

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