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Chris Wright

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Prometheus is a fine system but it is certainly not the only only one out
there. Sysdig, for example, is also open source and covers much of the same
ground. My down vote is not about Prometheus or Sysdig or any other
project, but rather about the willy nilly process. I really thing that
there should be a lot more discussion on this any any other such proposals.
If we're going to figure out the proposal process, we need a proposal to
start with, IMO.

This thread is merely an expression of interest in a proposal. We don't
know whether the project is interested.

sysdig is great. And complementary to prometheus. Besides, we've previously
agreed that we could accept overlapping projects.

Maybe this was the reasoning by work groups: to gather a group of people to
look for candidate projects within a particular subdomain, with a goal of
producing a proposal (or multiple proposals) at the end.

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