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alexis richardson

maybe, nonetheless we are using a g/doc currently

On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 6:55 PM, Quinton Hoole <quinton.hoole@...> wrote:
Wouldn’t it be preferable to do the preparation of the proposal in a Google Doc, and then commence the actual due diligence exercise with a PR (the way most of the other proposals have worked)?  That way it would be clear when exactly the proposal is submitted, and the proper record of due diligence comments/feedback would be available in GitHub for all to see.

As opposed to in this case where the document has been through various revisions in multiple documents, and it’s not been clear when the transition from document preparation to technical due diligence occurred?


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It's all in a Google Doc, we haven't made a pr yet. 

All, please email me for access

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Hi Alexis

I don’t see a PR for the NATS proposal?  Is there one?



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To add:

Nats DD is going well, I now need a few more existing or new people
who can help review the DD material please.

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Hey all, hope everyone is having a great 2018! The next TOC meeting will be
in a week, on Jan 16th and we'll resume our usual schedule of meetings the
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

We have some projects in the proposal stage seeking community due diligence
that we started late last year:

Thanks to everyone who has already put the time in reviewing the proposals.
We expect to vote on projects proposals in the coming weeks.

See everyone next Tuesday!

Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) | +1-512-961-6719

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