Nomination for TOC - Fritz Ferstl, Univa

Rob Lalonde

Dear Members,

I would like to nominate Fritz Ferstl from Univa (formerly of Sun/Oracle) whom I believe would be an excellent member and contributor to the CNCF's TOC. 

He brings more than two decades of experience in workload and resource management to CNCF and therefore I am asking you to consider him as a member of the CNCF TOC. His track record includes the following:
  • 23 years as a leading expert in distributed workload and resource management
  • As the CTO of Univa Corporation defining product and technology direction for servicing several hundreds of large enterprise customers across all industry verticals on behalf of their workload management requirements. Among these customers are many of the largest computing environments that exist in large enterprises
  • In that role having helped to address the challenges created by workloads and operational models of all kinds, ranging from high throughput scenarios to persistent service environments and to extreme-scale, long-running, parallel computations
  • Having initiated, shepherded and helped grow the most widely used workload management systems in the world
  • Having led the open sourcing of Sun Grid Engine and acting 10 years as 'benevolent dictator' for it
  • Having participated in standards bodies such as GGF/OGF leading to sanctioned and widely adopted industry standards
As a member of CNCF's TOC I am confident that Fritz can help ensure that CNCF standards and recommendations:
  • evolve from early adopter solutions to solutions for a maturing market
  • can be implemented by ISVs and integrated into their products
  • provide best-in-class solutions for all use cases and workload types required by the various market verticals
  • can be integrated into standard enterprise IT environments
Fritz is convinced that rapid and vast adoption of CNCF standards and recommendations can be accomplished and would be thrilled to contribute to CNCF's success as a member of the CNCF TOC.


Rob Lalonde

Rob Lalonde - VP Market Development
Univa Corporation 
E: rlalonde@...
D: 647-406-2285 
Founding member of CNCF

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