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Quinton Hoole

Given how many volunteers we have to assist with technical due diligence exercises, I imagine the question of “what am I expected to do?” will come up increasingly frequently.

Should we perhaps preemptively put together a brief written set of guidelines as to how best to lead and/or contribute to a technical due diligence exercise?


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just sign up here via comment:

the NATS proposal should be out in a week or so where we will invite all TOC Contributors to comment on / provide due diligence

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I don't think we have a DD process yet.  If you want to help with nats i can show you what we have mostly been doing.

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I would like to help contribute with project tech due diligence. Before I dig in I wanted to ask if there is an established process that I can apply?

Looking here --

toc - Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)



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