agenda for TOC next week

alexis richardson


thanks for your patience during the two week "break" due to the Ljnux Summit etc.

I'll publish an agenda early next week, so please LMK if you have anything you'd like to table.  as a starting point, please see "for next week" below.


On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 4:57 PM, Alexis Richardson <alexis@...> wrote:

I just spoke with Chris A and we'd both like to cancel this week's TOC call please.  


1. Our main task from last week isn't finished yet --- please do VOTE on the project proposal that Jon et al. drafted.  Your +1 (or not) must be on the public CNCF TOC list...
2. I'm travelling during the call, as I return from vacation...

For next week, we need to:

1. Ramp up on "why CNCF?" for propective CNCF projects
2. Ramp up on "development process", with help from joining projects
3. Start on our list of projects...

In the TOC we set up informal working groups for each of these.   One takeaway from last week's meeting in Tahoe was that many CNCF people want to help with 1&2, especially 1. Let's all make sure we are reaching out to them and to contacts in our wider community networks, to that end.

Chris A, Sarah N, Sarah S,

Do you want to share any other takeaways from Tahoe?


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