TOC Principles pull request

Dan Kohn <dan@...>

I took the TOC Principles document created by several TOC members and:

1. Converted it to markdown.
2. Left out the notes and comments on the budget.

The notes and comments are important (and remain in the original Google Doc), but will hopefully be addressed by the CNCF ServiceDesk and Service Dashboard that we'll be announcing in the next couple weeks.

For now, the TOC and I would appreciate your comments on the Principles themselves. If you don't think they adequately describe the way the TOC operates (and/or how it should operate), then please comment on the pull request.

Once comments are addressed, the goal is for the TOC to vote that this document represents the TOC Principles, and to have the CNCF governing board vote to endorse the Principles as well.

Rendered version

Pull request (comments welcome)

TOC Principles (i.e., the original document)

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