Re: New version of Cloud Native Landscape

Quinton Hoole

Would it make sense to also highlight “CNCF Member” projects, distinct from “CNCF Project”s?  The former much less prominently than the latter of course. 

For example:

Oracle Database
Amazon Kinesis


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Coming back to this: 

Please move Openstack, VMWare, and the other private cloud platforms back to the bottom. Bare metal should be side by side with public clouds, not in the provisioning layer.

In the next version, we'll rename Public cloud to cloud and put the bare metal category next to the public cloud one.
CI/CD definitely needs to be moved back up to the top.

That's done on 0.9.7, along with identifying Jaeger and Envoy as CNCF Projects.

"CI/CD Security" is incorrect/confusing. Image Security? And Vault isn't really in the same category as the others. That would be Key Management or Identity.

That category is changed to Secure Images. Where would you put a Key Management category? What else would go there?

But I'm not very familiar with any of those. Most clouds offer them, too.

Hashi's comparisons:

I'll think more about the layering, but I don't think provisioning is egregiously wrong, as it's a service commonly offered by clouds, configuration management tools, orchestration systems, and so on, which applications usually need in order to be able to authenticate with any other services. 
Though not a recent change, it would probably make sense to move Registry Services down to the provisioning layer.


Nit: cri-o is a Kubernetes project, so it's owned by CNCF. Not sure how you want to indicate that.

I think it might make sense to list as a CNCF project when it exits incubation. Or we could call it a CNCF sub-project, or something like that.

No CNCF projects have graduated incubation yet :-)

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