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On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 9:41 AM, Dan Kohn <dan@...> wrote:
Yeah, there are a bunch of changes in this version that don't make sense. For example, why is Openstack at a layer above public cloud?

We were making a distinction between software for provisioning a public (or private cloud) and providers offering public clouds. 

Coming back to this: 

Please move Openstack, VMWare, and the other private cloud platforms back to the bottom. Bare metal should be side by side with public clouds, not in the provisioning layer.

Big +1 on this request from Brian, particularly from the perspective of MAAS (Metal as a Service), as well as OpenStack, VMware, et al.

Those all definitely make more logical sense at the base level, bottom of the technology stack, and along side the public clouds.

CI/CD definitely needs to be moved back up to the top.

"CI/CD Security" is incorrect/confusing. Image Security? And Vault isn't really in the same category as the others. That would be Key Management or Identity.

Though not a recent change, it would probably make sense to move Registry Services down to the provisioning layer.

Nit: cri-o is a Kubernetes project, so it's owned by CNCF. Not sure how you want to indicate that.

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