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Yaron Haviv

Yaron Haviv, Founder & CTO, iguaz.io

In the past two decades my direct reports and I have been involved in multiple standard organization bodies and have made significant contributions to variety of very relevant Cloud and Infrastructure related open source projects (see list below), I have been engaged in hands on development and architecture, and awarded more than a dozen patents in the fields of service orchestration, network virtualization, storage, databases, high-performance, and security. I have my own Blog (SDSBlog.com) in which I cover various technical topics including Cloud, BigData, Storage, and advocate for Cloud-Native approaches. My positions as CTO and VP included all aspects of community and partner related activities, and I fully understand the role which is to find the most pragmatic path to consensus, combined with industry evangelism.


I believe I can provide significant value and guidance to the CNCF technical committee, bringing deep and wide knowledge, and experience in architecting complex systems and engaging with various communities. In my new company we plan on making active spec & code contribution to CNCF and not be a bystander.


Previous standard activities:

-        IEEE (DCB), IETF (IPS/iSCSI, RDMA), IBTA (Steering, LWG), iWarp, OFA, OGF

-        ONF (OpenFlow), OCP (OpenCompute), Open Network Linux


Open Source projects my team members (under my guidance) and I contributed to:

-        Linux core: netdev (networking), OpenFabric (RDMA), SCSI/Block, KVM

-        Networking: Open vSwitch, VxLAN

-        OpenStack: Nova-volume, Nova-networking, Neutron, Cinder

-        Storage: Ceph, iSCSI (Linux client, TGTD, SCST, LIO), NVMe

-        Hadoop: MapReduce, HDFS

-        Messaging: OpenMPI, Accelio


More information:

LinkedIn: https://il.linkedin.com/in/yaronh

Twitter: @yaronhaviv

Email: yaronh@...



Yaron Haviv

Founder and CTO, iguaz.io

Personal Blog: SDSBlog.com

Mobile: +972 (54) 4522300 

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