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Quinton Hoole

+1 – Awesome progress HH and Denver (and whomever else was involved).


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Can I add: "thank you, and good work!"

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The cross-cloud team would be happy to repeat their presentation and be available for more in depth questions if you'd like to invite them to do so at a future Storage SIG WG.

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Thanks for the offer Dan.

This is very timely as I am working with the CI group in K8s Storage SIG focused on building a broader testing strategy for storage functionality. I will be connecting them up to this initiative and further investigating what can be done.

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Hi, thanks to the cross-cloud team for their presentation today.

Lots more detail is available at and I encourage you to reach out here or to open an issue on the repo if you have additional thoughts or ideas.

I wanted to respond to Clint's question about testing Prometheus on Kubernetes with specific storage setups. Clint, if you are interested in forking cross-cloud and adding additional testing configurations (behind a flag), we would be happy to work with you on accepting a pull-request.

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