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Speaking of Istio, do we know if there are any plans around istio being donated to the CNCF? How does that affect inclusion of envoy (I'm assuming it doesn't)? I think it's good to have complimentary projects in the CNCF but worry about customer confusion as the projects get closer to end users. IMO containerd/rkt don't matter much to end users because they are not (usually) implementing them directly, but linkerd/istio may cause more confusion.

I know linkerd can be integrated under istio but it's not the default just as rkt under Kubernetes is available but not default.

I'm all in favor of envoy as part of the CNCF. I just wanted to voice my concerns.

Justin Garrison

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 8:59 AM, Alexis Richardson via cncf-toc <cncf-toc@...> wrote:
kicking off a thread in case TOC community have questions or comments on Envoy

I have copied matt

Envoy next steps:
- alexis & ken follow up re sponsoring formal proposal & DD  
   - talk to end users
   - talk to istio re prometheus/envoy; also: opentracing
   - identify TOC contributors to help with DD

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