Changes to the Marketing Committee

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I have spoken with many of you individually about the marketing committee. In summary:
  1. I received the feedback that there was a lack of insight and input into how marketing decisions are made
  2. Within the marketing committee some members felt it was unclear how they could contribute effectively and that often their time was wasted in our calls
Both of the above are, in my opinion, are valid concerns.

To address these concerns we have introduced changes into how the marketing committee is run.
  • The Marketing Committee calls have now been changed to monthly, instead of bi-weekly
  • During those calls we dedicate half the time to updates about current marketing activities and the other half to open discussion around various topics that have been submitted to us for consideration
  • If there are topics which require more in-depth conversation we can either a) use the now unused bi-weekly slot or b) spin off a working group to tackle the issue and report back
  • In case we cannot reach agreement during these discussions we fall back to Lazy Majority voting:

The process is already working effectively. Last month a separate working group was spun off to discuss setting up a speaker bureau to help our meetup organizers get access to the best speaking talent. The first recommendations from the group were presented to the marketing committee yesterday. They were accepted and will be implemented by the CNCF marketing team.

We now have a process through which we can have timely discussions and make open decisions.

What does this mean for you?*

If you want to have input into the marketing committee process you can send topics or concerns to either me or Dan Kohn and we will feed them into the process.

If you want insight into the marketing committee process you can join the mailing list or one of our monthly calls.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to either me or Dan Kohn.


* Please note that while the TOC is open to everyone, the Marketing Committee is only open to members. I am however very open to feedback from non-members.
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