Re: Prometheus & Observability documentation

RichiH Hartmann

Thanks for this feedback!

On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 2:12 AM Arthur Silva Sens
<arthursens2005@...> wrote:

One thing that came to my mind when you talked about Monitoring vs Datalake, I guess that Machine Learning use-cases are starting to grow on the Observability field, so metrics' datalakes may not be garbage anymore. Of course that Monitoring and Machine Learning are two different things, but I think that both have some space at the Observability scope. WDYT?
I agree that ML needs more nuance. I have better mental pictures to
transport my caveats now and those would hopefully enable more
deliberate tradeoff considerations.

One topic that is still unclear to me is: When should I need tracing? You say that tracing is expensive and should be treated with care, so how do I know if tracing is worth for a particular case?
Fair point. I should have talked about trade-offs more.

Overall, I think that it was a wonderful presentation and I would recommend to anyone who is getting started with observability, like myself. And again, this is the opinion of someone not much experienced with all of this, maybe someone more experienced could give some feedback if what you are saying remains correct nowadays.
Thanks; and I think the ones with experience are good at nitpicking,
but, by definition, can't _truly_ say if it helps newcomers. The
newcomers need to do that.


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