Re: Last Call: Request4Comments-Contributor Templates / Heads up TOC Liaisons

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Are not ready for review and are still under community collaboration.

Matt/Saad - please review the rest and let us know your thoughts.


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All - 

A few templates and guidance are ready for a last call review from the group; we’ll give it until Friday, Jan 8th 6pm GMT. Saad and Matt, please weigh in with your final comments and take to TOC after this period. We’ve discussed a template/guidance graduation process for go forward that will find a home in our charter soon (TODO). We can "graduate” each doc to the cncf/project-template repo for folks to start using post approval process. 
- folks collaborate on the draft guidance/template 
- draft enters review phase with community via a PR to the appropriate place
- matt and saad weigh in with final comments
- toc review 
- file is live in the cncf/project-template repo with an approved by TOC date

Graduation Reviews: (last call) - everything in there now

——— (in another repo but will move to template folder after approval)

Governance Advisory Documents in another repo:


Items not up for graduation but need more community review, comments, and/or collaboration: -> highlights include taxonomies?, graduation requirements, contributor website features, maintainers circle, and more> includes website work and draft start of recruiting contributors guidance 

Thanks to Karen, Carolyn, Dawn, Josh, and many others for your contributions to this guidance and the community. 

Questions? Reply here or #sig-contributor-strategy in CNCF slack.

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