Re: Developing a Contributor Growth Strategy Framework

Carolyn Van Slyck

This is essentially what our Contributor Growth working group is all about. We would love to have more people building content and collaborating on something like this. 👍


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Last week, Charles Pretzer and I attended the SIG Contributor Strategy meeting for the first time. Many thanks to Josh Berkus, Stephen Augustus, Dawn Foster for their great input and Amye Scavarda Perrin for coordinating! 

The meeting triggered a series of discussions between Charles and me leading to the following idea: 

We would like to propose developing a Contributor Growth Strategy Framework. 

Below is an outline of our vision. Of course, we can tweak and adjust it as needed once we have a team of volunteers. 

Is this something you'd be interested in?



Project description: Develop a contributor growth framework with actionable strategies and best practices to help guide maintainers as they seek to recruit code and non-code contributors. 

Authors: Small group of SIG members (7-10) experienced growing a contributor base. 

Development and scope: The group will meet four times* to discussing one of the following topics: (1) growing the code contributor base, (2) recognizing and enabling non-code contributors, (3) recruiting external maintainers/core contributors (with a particular focus on building a contributor ladder), and (4) potential CNCF programs to support that effort.

During each session, we'll brainstorm ideas based on one of these topics. A writeup (Catherine volunteers) will later be circulated to adjust and review.

Deliverable: A resource on GitHub any open source project can leverage, improve, and expand on. Additionally, we may add a case study section, where projects can share what worked and what didn't. 

*While we'll aim to make this a small project, accomplishable within a few sessions, the group may come to the conclusion that more meetings are necessary. Additionally, this short timeframe is contingent on members editing and reviewing on their own time.


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