SIG App Delivery Chair update

Michelle Noorali <Michelle.Noorali@...>

Thank you to everyone who submitted a SIG App Delivery chair interest form. We received 14 submissions and were pleased to see an awesome set of people! Alexis and I sat down and had a long conversation about the folks interested in leading this SIG. We qualified 8 individuals from the 14 submissions to move on to the TOC vote based on our vision for SIG App Delivery and its impact on the Cloud Native community. We also based our decisions on experience in app delivery related projects, diversity, communication style, interests based on the answers received in the interest form, and participation during the meetings and in the mailing list threads we had while forming the charter. The next step is for the TOC to vote. The top 3 highest voted individuals will be selected to be chairs of SIG App Delivery.

The following are the names of the individuals in no particular order:
  • Alois Reitbauer
  • Radu Matei
  • Bryan Liles
  • Lei Zhang
  • Quinton Hoole
  • Max Körbächer
  • Shantanu Deshpande
  • Diane Mueller

We are looking forward to announcing the names Tuesday, August 20th. For now, chairs will also perform the role of tech lead but the SIG may choose to add additional tech leads once the SIG is formed. We are very excited about the impact of this SIG in the Cloud Native community and want to thank each of you for your interest and participation.


Michelle Noorali and Alexis Richardson