Project Due Diligence Guidelines

Quinton Hoole <quinton@...>

Hi SIG App Delivery

At Kubecon Alois requested some guidance regarding Project Due Diligences.

Here are some hopefully useful resources: 
  1. CNCF TOC Technical Due Diligence Guidelines.  This is a doc that Alexis and I put together, with input from others, about 2 years ago (i.e. predating CNCF SIGs, so please feel free to submit update PR's in that regard).  
  2. Example Due Diligence Docs:
    1. Falco incubation
    2. Vitess graduation
    3. TUF graduation
    4. Harbor graduation
There are other examples available if you search for "due diligence" in the cncf-toc mailing list and PR's.

Hope that helps...

Quinton Hoole