Operator WG - Request for review

Thomas Schuetz

Hello everyone!

Some sections of the Operator Document are about to be finished from a content-perspective. These sections are marked with "Ready for Review" and it would be very nice if you could add your comments/suggestions and additions to these sections until December 9th, 2020. Additionally, please review the structure of the document (from page 1 to 9 - until the break) and propose things we should add or change. 

In the next SIG meeting (December 2nd), we will present the current state of the document and how we would like to proceed. If you'd like to contribute to the document and participate on our (currently weekly) meetings, just reach out to me.

- Thomas

Omer Kahani

Hi everyone,


Just a reminder, this is the last day for the review,

This is the document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1daXHyR2yG5ArjO1PO83v4a0fmLCLo2kYNT3TwGZksng/edit?usp=sharing 

The sections in this review cycle have: "Ready for Review - Current" in the headline. 


Also, we have a Working Group meeting today at 17:00 GMT at: https://zoom.us/my/cncfsigappdelivery?pwd=R0RJMkRzQ1ZjcmE0WERGcTJTOEVyUT09