Layer 1.5 for "Application Sharing & Distribution"?

Josh Dolitsky

As Bryan suggested today, a lot going on in Zoom call so taking things to the mailing list. I brought this up in the comments.

I think that there is a part of the dictionary diagram that is missing regarding how application definition "bundles" are shared and distributed. Will this SIG cover this topic? It's looks like it is mentioned in the charter (ctrl+f "distribution"). There is currently no SIG that is fully covering things such as Helm chart repos, OCI registries etc. for package distribution. Quinton mentioned this was brought up recently in the Core SIG charter.



See current layers below. I think we need a layer called "Application Sharing & Distribution" between layers 1 and 2 (somebody pointed out to reverse the order and make Kubernetes layer 1, so really layer 3.5 vs. 1.5):