GitOps WG co-chair election update

Cornelia Davis

Hello all.

Please forgive the delay in sending you all an update, and for my naivete on logistics - let me give you an update now.

I'm afraid that I made an error in setting a time limit on the voting period. While I had hoped to get enough people voting within the one week period I specified, I'm afraid that hasn't happened. The CNCF TOC has the right approach - they open a vote and it remains open until 8 of 11 TOC members have voted. That is, roughly 75% of the TOC needs to vote to reach a conclusion. For our vote we have 5 maintainers so I will close the vote once I have 4/5. We're close, but I cannot 100% predict when we will reach that milestone. You all will be the first to know when it does happen.

More to follow soon.


Cornelia Davis
CTO, Weaveworks
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