Air Gapped Helm

Matt Farina

In the Air Gapped WG, during the previous meeting, there was discussion on using Helm v2 in an air gapped environment. Helm v3 works with no extra config but Helm v2 has some hoops.

In that meeting I said I would write up a guide on air gapped Helm v2 (in particular when the init command is run). You can find that guide at

One issue is skipping the addition of the stable charts repo when `helm init` is run. While Helm v2 is feature frozen we are also going to end support for v2 in the future at which time the stable repository is going to go away. We need the ability in v2 so skip the addition of the stable repository as part of this. So, we will be adding a flag in the near future to skip that. The issue tracking that work is at

If there are any questions or issues with running Helm in an air gapped environment please feel free to ask or come to the issue queue.

Matt Farina