[gitops-wg] Pls share! Oct 20 GitOps event w/ Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, D2iQ, and Weaveworks

Scott Rigby

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GitOps One-Stop Shop Event – October 20, 2021

This is your one-stop shopping experience for GitOps! Hear from Amazon Web Services, D2iQ, Microsoft, VMware, and Weaveworks about their GitOps offerings.

✨✨ All of them trust CNCF Flux ✨✨  so that you can have the best GitOps experience. Join us to celebrate this major milestone for Flux!
There’s a reason that Flux is the only GitOps project in the ADOPT category of the CNCF Tech Radar for Continuous Delivery!
Showcased products are – all using CNCF Flux!:
  • Amazon EKS Anywhere
  • D2iQ DKP Kommander
  • Microsoft Azure Arc Kubernetes
  • VMware Tanzu Application Platform
  • Weaveworks Weave GitOps
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Scott Rigby
Developer Experience, Weaveworks